“Become more Irish than the Irish themselves!”

The Reg Restaurant and Bar, 2 The Mall, Waterford.

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Traditional Irish Music

Enjoy traditional music specially commissioned for the show, blended with era-enhancing tunes and songs, to proclaim the 10 Ancient stories toasted in this unique live event.

Traditional Irish Storytelling

From the dawn of civilisation, through the history of Ireland’s oldest city, professional storytellers weave an emotional, rousing and humorous series of anecdotes celebrating how each era contributed to forge the Irish psyche.

Traditional Irish Welcome

You, our guests, play a starring role also. We invite you (should you wish) to dress in period costume and assume the roles of ancient Irish figures to enact the Sláinte Toasts.

Some Highlights from the Show

  • Commencing in Neolithic Ireland, our expert storytellers and musicians entwine song and verse to take you through to the golden era of Celtic Art and religion. A toast to the Monks of Ancient Ireland and the treasures they left for us all to marvel at!

  • On the very site of “The Reg”, is the ancient Tower that bears its name. Viking King Ragnall (Reginald), son of Ivar, founded Waterford more than 1100 years ago. In the Show, we toast the rich Viking stories of Ragnall and his men.

  • This famous site also witnessed the most famous wedding in Irish History. Aoife Mc Murrough, daughter of the king of Munster, was betrothed to Strongbow, the Norman knight who married into Irish royalty and became “more Irish than the Irish themselves”. Hear the little know truth about Aoife’s option to annul the wedding if she so wished and Toast the Most Famous of Irish medieval nuptials which changed Ireland’s history forever!

  • All told, there are 12 Toasts, representing 12 ages of this Wonderful city, all held by the storytellers and invited guests. The Toasts are made with special vessels; from those hewn from Ancient Waterford clay right through to specially commissioned Waterford Crystal Loving Cups.

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